Cat Sitting

While you are away we can come into your home and tend to your cats needs. We spend 30 minutes in your home, during which we will replenish food and water, scoop or change the litter, and spend the remaining time either playing, grooming or just keeping company, whichever your kitty may prefer. For pets that require extra attention or care, we offer longer visits or multiple daily visits.

The minimum time we spend with your cat is 30 minutes.

Cat Sitting Rates

Our rates are customized to meet the individual needs of your pet/s. Please email or text 718-679-3850 for a free quote.

A note about tipping your sitter

If you were provided with excellent service, it is appropriate to tip your sitter (always greatly appreciated!)

Additional Fees

$5-$15 per visit added for medication administration.

$10 surcharge added to each weekend visit.

$10 surcharge added to each visit falling on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

$10 surcharge added to each visit on the following three or four day weekends: Martin Luther King, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.

*out of service area fees apply

If you are interested in having us watch your cat(s), please e-mail us at, or call 718-679-3850.

All rates are subject to NYS sales tax.