Read what some of our clients have to say about us...

There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable that your pets are being well taken care of and loved while you are away. I have been a customer of Urban Animal for over 5 years and a huge fan that whole time. It is clear that everyone there loves my cats as much as I do. They are responsible, trustworthy and proactive. I can't recommend them more!

Lynne G.

For over 20 years, Urban Animal has cared for my furry friends. Do you consider your cat and dog family? I do! And, since I travel regularly for work, I need a safe, loving and dependable service to provide for my cats. Urban Animal is responsibe and considerate; they support me, Bud and Sophie.I just don't worry and I know that if there is a concern, I am told immediately. Do you love your animals? Trust Urban Animal to love them too.

Anne S.

I have had the pleasure of working with Urban Animal for 19 years and I have never been disappointed. I am, and have always been, 100% satisfied with the service. Recently we had reason to need a house-sitting gig, and asked Carol if she'd be willing to stay at the apt with our two dogs. Not onlh did she agree, she sent us a couple of photos of extremely happy dogs, and we didn't worry once while on vacation. Another aspect that says volumes: the dogwalkers who have worked for Urban Animal over the years have been outstanding to a person. They have loved our dogs as their own, have accomodated some seemingly idiosyncratic requests and taken extra care as needed, post-op or medicating. Carol chooses her emplyees carefully and dogwalker transitions have been seemless. At times when I am home unexpectedly, the dogwalker has always arrived when expected, and my dogs are thrilled to see her or him. They are cheerful careful, loving, and fun. They go the extra mile. I recommend Urban Animal without reservation.

Stancy D.

Carol and her crew are responsible and loving providers of pet care. We have been clients for nearly 20 years and the walkers have always been attentive, responsive and honest. I recommend Carol and Urban Animal without hesitation. We and our pets love the folks who work at Urban Animal.

Carolyn H.

Urban Animal is the best there is. Carol, Paula and the other sitters we have worked with are not only professionals, but some of the most caring individuals I have met. Their love of animals comes through. My dog is quite particular and I always used to feed anxious leaving her. My husband and I have joked these last several years that she likes her petsitter better than us! :)A good problem to have. The urban team is responsive, detail oriented, caring and flexible. My husband and I have had some amazing travel complications (including flying back from Tokyo and into Hurricane Sandy) and even when our petsitter, Paula, knew that staying with Zoe might mean she may no be able to get home as public transportation was shutting down, she was quick to offer to stay with our dog no matter what. I don't know what we would do without them!

Christa C.

Carol has stayed with our dog Lucy on several occasions. She's really thorough, reliable and sweet. I love that she worked for the zoo for years. Gives me comfort that she actually knows about and loves animals. It's not just a job.