Marykate has been walking dogs and cat sitting since the age of nine and currently has 2 dogs and a cat at home. She has taken care of all different sized pets and even those with special needs.

She also has experience with small and exotic pets. When she isn’t walking dogs she is at home doing freelance art. She loves spending time with Urban Animal’s many dog and cat clients.


Lee got her start as a freelance dog walker/cat sitter in Westchester County before transitioning into working as a full-time New York City dog walker/doggie day camp counselor and has never looked back.

She loves to learn the personalities of each dog in her care and will always go out of her way to know who they are as individuals, their needs and to make them feel special--because they are!

Lee also promotes physical fitness as an essential component of a dog’s well-being. One of her favorite things to do is jog with the dogs and to watch their smiles grow. For Lee, education and personal growth is a priority in life and when the time is right she aspires to start her own pet care company.


Kate has been both a Dog Walker and Cat Sitter with Urban Animal since 2007.

She is also a Zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo, specializing in Giraffes, Tigers, and Gorillas.

She grew up with dogs and cats, and loves that she has a career where she can continue to interact with animals.

She has also volunteered her time to care for Elephants and Bears at Wildlife SOS Sanctuary in India.


Brianna started with Urban Animal in 2015 walking dogs as well as pet sitting. She grew up caring for different animals, including cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and many others.

She's also been spending her career working with exotic animals, like big cats, and now works at the Bronx Zoo, working primarily with primates.


Valerie started walking dogs and cat sitting for Urban Animal in 2015.

She has always enjoyed working with animals and has experience training and grooming dogs.


Sam is a graduate of Fordham University and a professional Dancer.

He's grown up with dogs all his life, and is currently devoted to Sherlock, the long-haired Dachshund.