We can walk your dog in the morning, during the day while you're at work, on weekends or in the evenings.

We do not do "pack walks". Your dog will be walked alone (unless, of course, you have more than one pooch).

Our walks are individualized so your dog will get our full attention. We tailor the walk to suit your dog's needs, and they will be walked at their own pace. During inclement weather we can shorten the walk and spend the rest of the time inside your apartment with your dog, playing or just having a belly rub.

As part of the walk, we can drop off or pick up your pet from the groomer or vet, and give them their dinner if required. Although we are not professional dog trainers, our walkers have considerable experience and will reinforce any training done previously, or currently in progress.

The minimum time we spend with your dog is 30 minutes.

Walking Rates

One Dog
30 minutes$20
45 minutes$30
60 minutes$40
Two Dogs (same household)
30 minutes$25
45 minutes$35
60 minutes$45

We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We charge a $10 surcharge if any of the following apply: walks on weekends, holidays, before 10am, or after 8pm.

Puppy Visits

Our sitters are available to spend time with your puppy if she/he is too young to go outside. We will check on your puppy, feed and change the wee wee pads, and of course play!

Our puppy visit rates are the same as our dog walking rates listed above.

If you are interested in having us walk your dog(s), please e-mail us at, or call 646-305-1900.